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Mélanie Cantor

Melanie Cantor published her first novel at 63. She spent her working life as a talent agent promoting a list of well-known British household names. Michael Parkinson, Ulrika Jonsson and Adam Ant were  on her books. Things began to shift during her 50’s when Melanie decided to focus on nurturing her own creativity.

Melanie’s latest novel, The F**k It List, tells the story of Daisy, a successful London- based interior designer as she confronts all the challenges that face women who embark on solo, mid-life motherhood. With a light touch and a gift for dialogue, Melanie creates a character who learns that privilege provides no protection from the vagaries of human nature and that all that glitters is not gold (even when it comes out of a Farrow and Ball tin).

Daisy’s story mirrors Melanie’s in that both women are determined to follow their hearts’ desire despite all the disappointment and rejection they encounter on their journey. Daisy wants a baby and Melanie longs to become a published writer. We look forward to hearing how they made their dreams come true.

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