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FESTILITT 2024: New edition, new website!

The 12th edition of Festilitt is coming soon!  Save the dates – 11, 12 and 13 October. 

As we gear up for this year’s festival, we’re unveiling our new website.  Fully integrating the French and anglophone programmes, you can already see the invited authors, the programme and all of the practical details you need for the weekend.  

This year there will be sessions with 5 French and 5 anglophone authors, a musical event around wine, followed by wine tasing, the festival dinner, a coup de coeur littéraire and a French dictation exercise for those brave enough. 

In addition, we will have an exhibition of original works of art inspired by the books being presented at the festival and, in a new addition to our programme, an artiste in residence to sketch the weekend’s highlights.

Without forgetting, of course, Festilitt Enfants, and all of the tea breaks with home-made cakes and china cups. 

Our secret formula:  bringing you high quality literature, free access, friendliness and conviviality all weekend.  Enjoy!

Our new approach starts now, and right up until the festival, we will send you updates in French and English so that you can all see what is happening across the whole festival. 

For this first newsletter, we’re presenting a French author Leonor de Recondo, and the Booker-nominated British novelist Sunjeev Sahota. 

3 thoughts on “FESTILITT 2024: New edition, new website!”

  1. Great to receive this information, thank you. Love the photo of these two very familiar faces. I look forward to the newsletter and the new website.

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