Sunjeev Sahota

Sunjeev Sahota, the Booker-nominated British novelist, received the EU literary prize in 2017. 

He will be talking about his latest novel, The Spoiled Heart, which tells the story of Nayan Olak, who has not risked love since the death of his young son.  Instead, he channels his grief and his energy into work.  But the time for a new challenge has arrived…

The story traces the reverberations of actions over the years, against the backdrop of a trade union election. Nayan Olak has not risked love since the death of his young son. Instead, he poured his grief and energy into his work at the union, trying to create the world he would have wanted for his boy.

He is now running for union president: a great moment for Nayan, the culmination of everything he believes in. As he gets closer to the mysterious Helen Fletcher and the possibility that their pasts may have been linked, his chances of winning are suddenly threatened. And when Megha Sharma, a new candidate with a new politics emerges, the race of his life is on.

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